Regional products of southeastern Serbia

OZZ „Darovi Lužnice“ Babušnica

The sales range consists of domestic products obtained by processing peppers and wild fruits: ajvar mild, ajvar hot, buttermilk, chickpeas, tomato juice, cherry and blackberry juice, strawberry jams, rosehip and tart. Raw materials are grown under controlled conditions and products are prepared in the traditional way, without preservatives, pasteurized, healthy and tasty. They are packaged in several sizes in glass packaging which allows for good sealing which prevents oxygen and ensures durability and durability of the product.

Souvenir Making and Decoupage Decorating Workshop “Deku Pi”

The range of products is diverse and with a special note of the tradition of craftsmanship of the “Pirot region”. The products of the DekuPi workshop are handmade, made of mediapan (mdf), colorful with predominant red, white and brown. The offer includes souvenirs, trays, coasters, boxes, magnets and bookmarks. The influence of tradition is visible, and part of the range is decorated with interpretations of the ethno motif of the Pirot region. Particular emphasis is given to the pattern of Pirot carpet.

Shop for making souvenirs and small rugs “Gugutka”

The dominant part of the product offer is the so-called carpets – rugs, smaller in size that serve as decor or rug. Each carpet contains an authentic pattern that has its own symbolism. The most sought after patterns are doves (brings joy), devil’s knee (keeps the owner at a distance), Kondic’s carp (keeps home), turtle (brings well-being), etc. They are made of sharp wool, tightly spun and naturally dyed. Larger rugs are available but are custom made.

Carolina K&D Art Workshop Pirot

The range is made up of various types of clay semi-finished products, which can be acceptable to customers and at the same time are suitable for painting. These are tableware, vases, condoms, candy canes, amphorae, ashtrays, candlesticks, etc. The whole process of creating a finished product from ironing, varnishing, drying and applying the characteristic ornaments of Pirot carpet is done manually. The complete range is unique and handmade.

Production of cakes and cakes “Nugatelina” Pirot

The range of products consists of delicious and quality cakes of all shapes and sizes (classic cakes, decorative, wedding, festive, birthday and children’s cakes with the possibility of decorating at will), tiny celebrity cakes, sweet tables, muffins, etc. A special place in the range is occupied by gingerbread decorated for various occasions. They are made from natural, edible and always fresh materials. The recipes are original, many times tested in practice. And the possibilities for innovation and variation of existing recipes are limitless.

Workshop for production of homemade soap and toilet preparations “SapunoMania” Bela Palanka

The offer includes goat milk soaps, stick deodorants, lip balms, room fresheners, spa salts, massage oils, firm body butters. The products are intended for children and adults, with no age restrictions. They are made from raw materials that are allowed in the manufacture of “natural cosmetics”. The workshop is constantly working to improve its products and enrich its range. The products are available for sale in Nis, Pirot, Zajecar, Negotin and Bela Palanka, as well as at regional events and fairs.

Agricultural Cooperative “Stara Pojata” Dimitrovgrad

The main product in the range is ajvar, produced according to the traditional recipe, without artificial colors, preservatives and additives, in different quantities in packages. In addition to ajvar, rosehip jam is also produced. The fabrication process is manual in both cases. The raw materials for labor are the result of own production and purchase from local farms. The goal is not to sell the primary product, but the final one. In the near future it is planned to grow organic vegetables in greenhouses and to market organic ajvar.

Souvenir Workshop „World of Magnets Nina“ Poljska Ržana

The offer includes custom made magnets of different shapes, images on magnetic foil, special magnets for birthdays, weddings and other celebrations, foam magnets for children, magnets with logo. The offer is constantly being refined with different innovative ideas. Magnets shaped like pyrrhagic sausage, pyrrhic cheese, a string of dried pyrrhic peppers have become very popular. The prices are reasonable, they are handmade and unique which enables successful placement.

Shop for embroidery of various textile items „Vez pokloni“ Pirot

The range of products is diverse, in accordance with the customs and trends of today with a special note of creativity. The list of products on which embroidery can be applied is not conclusive. The most represented in the range are towels and canvases of different uses and decorative pillows. They attract customers at first glance by their special appearance.

Handmade clothing, wool “Vunenko” Pirot

The initial range consists of hats, scarves, sweaters, sweaters and socks that are made in the traditional way – handmade needles, embroidery and all the work required to design a particular article of clothing. The clothes are made of the highest quality yarns, primarily wool and cotton, modern in appearance, individualized for each customer individually. It is designed for consumers of all ages. Wool is a good thermoregulator and these products are wearable for almost most of the year.