OZZ „Darovi Lužnice“ Babušnica

Business infomation

Business name: OZZ for the production, processing and marketing of agricultural products from organic production “Gifts of Lužnica” Babušnica
Adress: Sedmi juli 5/4 18330 Babušnica
Phone: 069/684-735
Identification number: 21323284
Tax identification number:: 110242644
Business code: 0150
Activity description: Mixed agricultural production
Date of commencement of business: 25.09. 2017.
Business account: 170-0030040792000-34


E-mail: zenskicentar777@gmail.com
Facebook: Darovi Lužnice

Business concept

The driving force behind the market recognition of traditional local food products lies precisely in women’s entrepreneurial intuition.

The first fully female cooperative of organic producers in the south of Serbia, “Lužnice Gifts” was founded in 2017. year. The idea of dealing with the cooperative was initiated by Director Karolina Stamenković when they received greenhouses with an irrigation system from donations. This ambitious and enterprising woman was able to launch, with 14 members, the production and processing of organic vegetables, as well as the purchase and processing of wild fruits.

The number of certified organic producers in the cooperative is steadily increasing. With the financial assistance of the Serbian Government, they procured a line for processing and packaging of fruit and vegetable products and increased their production. They planted an area of two and a half acres under organic vegetables. They also introduced the HASAP standard, increasing the number of subcontractors to 27.

Future business will be conceptualized to conquer regional markets across Europe.

Our Products

The sales range consists of domestic products obtained by processing peppers and wild fruits: ajvar mild, ajvar hot, buttermilk, chickpeas, tomato juice, cherry and blackberry juice, strawberry jams, rosehip and tart. Raw materials are grown under controlled conditions and products are prepared in the traditional way, without preservatives, pasteurized, healthy and tasty. They are packaged in several sizes in glass packaging which allows for good sealing which prevents oxygen and ensures durability and durability of the product.