Souvenir Making and Decoupage Decorating Workshop “Deku Pi”

Business infomation

Business Name: Biljana Marinkov PR Workshop for Souvenir Production and Decoupage Decoration “Deku Pi” Pirot
Adress: Nikole Tesle 7/30 18300 Pirot
Phone: 065/29-01-730
Identification number: 65028042
Tax identification number: 110835905
Business code: 3299
Activity description: Manufacture of other objects
Date of commencement of business: 05.06. 2018.
Business account: 275-0020221776183-19


Facebook: Porodicna radionica DekuPi_
Instagram: radionica_dekupi

Business concept

The love of art and the desire to try out in a business, market environment were the main motives of the owner to start a business. Biljana Marinkov is a recognizable personality of the Pirot region – first because of her journalistic work and today, increasingly, because of her creative engagement in the sphere of decoupage. Her progress was gradual: through mastering the quilling technique (rolling paper strips and making paper ornaments), designing magnets, paintings and jewelry, to making decouples. By refining her knowledge and skills, attending trainings at different levels of expertise, the idea of starting her own business has matured. The roots of her entrepreneurship date back to June 2018. when she registered a family workshop “DekuPi” and started to make authentic decoupage. She provided start-up funds from her own sources as well as from the NES self-employment funds.

Further business orientation will be focused on making the product available to the largest possible market.

Our Products

The range of products is diverse and with a special note of the tradition of craftsmanship of the “Pirot region”. The products of the DekuPi workshop are handmade, made of mediapan (mdf), colorful with predominant red, white and brown. The offer includes souvenirs, trays, coasters, boxes, magnets and bookmarks. The influence of tradition is visible, and part of the range is decorated with interpretations of the ethno motif of the Pirot region. Particular emphasis is given to the pattern of Pirot carpet.

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