Shop for making souvenirs and small rugs “Gugutka”

Business infomation

Business name: Maja Ciric PR souvenir and small carpet shop “Gugutka” Gjilan
Adress: Gnjilan bb 18309 Gnjilan
Phones: 010/327-189; 062/81-30-51
Identification number: 62891343
Tax identification number: 107650482
Activity number: 1393
Business Description: Manufacture of rugs and floor coverings
Date of commencement of business: 12.07. 2012.
Bank account: 105-0000000030361-29
Instagram: suvenirigugutka

Business concept

The spirit of the tradition of the old weaving craft is one of the most important segments in the work of this entrepreneurial shop. Maja Ciric, owner of “Gugutka” shop, has been practicing this craft continuously for 12 years. She founded this entrepreneurial shop in 2012. with the intention of affirming her innate predispositions to the skill in making rugs. Each piece she produces is unique, of superior quality and made with love. With an understanding of the family and the financial incentive of the NSZ, she bravely embarked on entrepreneurial waters. Her handicrafts are in the Museum “Ponišavlje” and the Tourist Organization of Pirot.

The future of Maja Ciric’s business will be based on expanding production capacities and finding new types of sales, which would indicate a year-on-year trend of continuous growth.

Our Products

The dominant part of the product offer is the so-called carpets – rugs, smaller in size that serve as decor or rug. Each carpet contains an authentic pattern that has its own symbolism. The most sought after patterns are doves (brings joy), devil’s knee (keeps the owner at a distance), Kondic’s carp (keeps home), turtle (brings well-being), etc. They are made of sharp wool, tightly spun and naturally dyed. Larger rugs are available but are custom made.

In recent years, the range has been expanded with plaster figures and magnets.