Carolina K&D Art Workshop Pirot

Business infomation

Business name: Karolina Petrovic PR Art workshop “Karolina K&D” Pirot
Adress: Knjaza Miloša 15/3 ulaz II stan 21 18300 Pirot
Phone:010/310-390; 066/50-63-555
identification number: 64257498
Tax identification number: 109551786
Business code: 9003
Description of business: Artistic creation
Date of commencement of business: 03.06. 2016.
Business account: 170-0050020781000-22



Business concept

The Karolina Petrovic Art Workshop is one of the few in the Pirot area that preserves and enhances the ancient pottery craft. She creates authentic souvenirs by painting the pottery with patterns of Pirot rug. It supplies pottery from local producers. With the professional title of ceramic decorator, Carolina successfully manages the demanding technique of painting ceramics. This skill requires continuous work, emotional peace and skill in drawing. She has been working as a decorator for over a decade, and in 2016. year she registered her workshop. The husband and financial support of the NSZ was encouraged for influencing entrepreneurial waters.

The direction of action of the Karolina K&D Workshop is directed towards greater product visibility, presentation of products and out-fairs, which are, for now, the main sales channel.

Our Products

The range is made up of various types of clay semi-finished products, which can be acceptable to customers and at the same time are suitable for painting. These are tableware, vases, condoms, candy canes, amphorae, ashtrays, candlesticks, etc. The whole process of creating a finished product from ironing, varnishing, drying and applying the characteristic ornaments of Pirot carpet is done manually. The complete range is unique and handmade.


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