Production of cakes and cakes “Nugatelina” Pirot

Business infomation

Business name: Ivana Kostic PR production of cakes and cakes “Nugatelina” Pirot
Adress:46. Divizije 8 18300 Pirot
Phone: 066/48-19-77
identification number: 65392283
Tax identification number:111413167
Business code: 1071
Activity description: production of bread, fresh pastry goods and cakes
Date of commencement of business: 30.04. 2019.
Business account: 105-111079-84


Instagram: Nugatelina
Facebook: Nugatelina torte i kolači

Business concept

The owner of this shop, Ivana Kostic, found the initiative to start a business in her love and skill in making sweets.

Although her core profession is not closely related to her current business commitment, Ivana has ventured to set up her shop in 2019. thanks to NSZ incentives and equipment assistance from Help. She set out firmly and ambitiously to conquer the market with a focus on quality. Making custom-made cakes and cakes has become more visible by activating them on social networks, expanding the range, selling at local retail. Legislation and new food safety regulations, the need for a product declaration, required the workshop to meet rigorous HACCP standards. Its products are considered outstanding and so standardized have a foothold in the wider market. We are constantly working on improving the quality, enriching our product range and finding new sales channels. Ivan selflessly shares his knowledge with the students of the nutrition profession who come for practical training in her workshop.

The motto of owner Ivana Kostic is that perfect occasions should be accompanied by equally perfect sweet gastronomic delights. The business orientation of the entrepreneurial business is aimed at conquering new markets thanks to competitiveness, quality and consistency.

Our Products

The range of products consists of delicious and quality cakes of all shapes and sizes (classic cakes, decorative, wedding, festive, birthday and children’s cakes with the possibility of decorating at will), tiny celebrity cakes, sweet tables, muffins, etc. A special place in the range is occupied by gingerbread decorated for various occasions. They are made from natural, edible and always fresh materials. The recipes are original, many times tested in practice. And the possibilities for innovation and variation of existing recipes are limitless.


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