Workshop for production of homemade soap and toilet preparations “SapunoMania” Bela Palanka

Business infomation

Business name: Milijana Milosevic PR Workshop for the production of homemade soap and toilet preparations “SapunoMania” Bela Palanka
Adress: Pirotska 13 18310 Bela Palanka
Phone: 064/88-37-986
Identification number: 64617087
Tax identification number: 110056353
Business code: 2042
Business Description: Manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparations
Date of commencement of business: 24.05. 2017.
Business account: 325-95007000040000-87


Facebook: SapunoManija Bela Palanka

Business concept

The entrepreneurial story of the owner of the soap making workshop Milijana Milošević begins in 2017. year. A technologist by profession, a father-owner of a goat farm, the wholehearted support of her husband were the initial preconditions that led her to try herself in a business that represents the optimal configuration of her professional knowledge and creative expression. She designed a line of natural goat milk products without any chemistry with baking soda and vitamin E as a natural preservative. Its products have the certificate “Open fist”, which proves that they are handmade and that it is an old craft (soap craft).

Our Products

The product range of the SapunoMania workshop is very wide and of high quality.

The offer includes goat milk soaps, stick deodorants, lip balms, room fresheners, spa salts, massage oils, firm body butters. The products are intended for children and adults, with no age restrictions. They are made from raw materials that are allowed in the manufacture of “natural cosmetics”. The workshop is constantly working to improve its products and enrich its range. The products are available for sale in Nis, Pirot, Zajecar, Negotin and Bela Palanka, as well as at regional events and fairs.

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