Goat’s milk soap is a natural product obtained by a combination of saponified vegetable oils, essential oils and goat’s milk. Goat milk gives moisture to the skin, soothes and softens it. These soaps are recommended for teenagers in the fight against puberty pimples, as well as for people with cracked and dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. A great replacement for a shaving penny.

Soaps are made with eucalyptus essential oil, lavender or without essential oil (natural), which is suitable for more sensitive skin. The range also includes peeling soaps with the addition of nettle, cinnamon or corn flour.

Sopas made from citronella and sandalwood essential oils are soaps made from a mixture of vegetable and essential oils without the addition of goat’s milk.

Active charcoal soap deeply cleanses the pores of impurities and removes dead cells from the skin. Active charcoal is a natural ingredient that gently cleanses and hydrates the skin

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