Agricultural Cooperative “Stara Pojata” Dimitrovgrad

Business infomation

Business name: Agricultural Cooperative “Stara Pojata” Dimitrovgrad
Adress: Desanka Maksimović 11a 18320 Dimitrovgrad
Phone: 069/36-35-664
Identification number: 21318736
Tax identification number: 110219194
Business code: 1039
Activity description: Other processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables
Date of commencement of business: 08.09. 2017.
Business account: 250-3080000825770-96



Business concept

The idea for starting a business was to offer the market a traditional product made with tried and tested technique with a distinctive taste of “local”.

ZZ “Stara Pojata” was founded in 2017. year by Dušica Sredojević, a hardworking and business-oriented young woman, with the primary goal of producing ajvar. With her own and stimulating means of the state (a technological line for baking peppers and three horizontal freezers) she was able to create her own brand. From the very beginning, it has set itself high standards of production and has thus opted for a responsible approach in terms of product quality and taste. Over time, it attracted (in addition to 5 initial members) 10 more subcontractors. She got the encouragement and support to start her own business exclusively from her family.

The further business orientation of ZZ “Stara Pojata” will be reflected in overcoming local frameworks and finding new distribution channels to the foreign market under the slogan “From our region to the whole world”.

Our Products

The main product in the range is ajvar, produced according to the traditional recipe, without artificial colors, preservatives and additives, in different quantities in packages. In addition to ajvar, rosehip jam is also produced. The fabrication process is manual in both cases. The raw materials for labor are the result of own production and purchase from local farms. The goal is not to sell the primary product, but the final one. In the near future it is planned to grow organic vegetables in greenhouses and to market organic ajvar.

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