Shop for embroidery of various textile items „Vez pokloni“ Pirot

Business infomation

Business name: Jelena Krstic PR Shop for embroidery of various textile items „Vez pokloni“ Pirot
Adress: Dobrodolska 133 18300 Pirot
Phone: 069/65-46-77
Identification number: 65519712
Tax identification number: 111585915
Business code: 1399
Industry Description: Manufacture of other textile articles
Date of commencement of business: 08.08. 2019.
Business account: 275-0020223941510-31


Facebook: Vez pokloni

Business concept

The love of manual labor was the basic motive for starting a business. Entrepreneur Jelena Krstic is relatively new to the business world, and yet, in a short period of time, she has become recognized in the local and wider area. At a time when market supply is all-encompassing, it has found something unique that intrigues customers and engenders a high degree of admiration. The concept of personalization added to the idea of connections.

The support of the family and the selfless help of her husband, Milos, helped to encourage and start a business that is a common denominator and calls and passions for the relationship. Using her own funds, NSZ incentive funds and a donation in equipment (embroidery machine) by Help, she started her creative and love-colored business.

The entrepreneur’s vision is to set higher standards through numerous innovations and introduce new habits and trends in the market.

Our Products

The range of products is diverse, in accordance with the customs and trends of today with a special note of creativity. The list of products on which embroidery can be applied is not conclusive. The most represented in the range are towels and canvases of different uses and decorative pillows. They attract customers at first glance by their special appearance.

What makes these products unique is that the decorations through the links express the personal requirements of the customer: the name of the person to whom it is intended, important dates, favorite children’s cartoon characters, etc. This way the product achieves a high level of personalization. On the other hand, when embroidery is done in accordance with thematic units, when it contains holiday motives, the power of imagination and creativity of the entrepreneur come to the full. Products are made in several sizes and colors.