Handmade clothing, wool “Vunenko” Pirot

Business infomation

Business name: Milanka Mitrovic PR handmade clothing, wool and wool “Vunenko” Pirot
Adress: Revolucionarnih sindikata 10 18300 Pirot
Phone: 064/10-29-733
Identification number: 65591987
Tax Identification number: 111684307
Business code 1439
Business Description: Manufacture of other knitted and crocheted apparel
Date of commencement of business: 09.10. 2019.
Business account: 200-3144650101032-66


E-mail: milenasto1967@gmail.com

Business concept

This is a relatively new entrepreneurial venture that owes its origin to the persistence and skill of one woman. That difficult times can be a challenge and a new chance, showed Milanka Mitrovic, intending to reanimate her childhood love – knitting. Milanka decided to make wool clothes after 20 years of doing a trade job, a jobless period, a trip to agricultural production. She founded an entrepreneurial shop for making wool items in October 2019. The NSZ stimulus funds were a significant support for her starting a business. She does not yet have an extensive network of sales channels, works to order, but she has no doubt that her strong will, skill and enthusiasm will secure her a place on the Pirot business scene

The aim of Vunenko’s market existence is to enrich the range by introducing new products and expanding sales, as well as to win new customers who prefer quality and comfortable clothing.

Our Products

The initial range consists of hats, scarves, sweaters, sweaters and socks that are made in the traditional way – handmade needles, embroidery and all the work required to design a particular article of clothing. The clothes are made of the highest quality yarns, primarily wool and cotton, modern in appearance, individualized for each customer individually. It is designed for consumers of all ages. Wool is a good thermoregulator and these products are wearable for almost most of the year.


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