Souvenir Workshop „World of Magnets Nina“ Poljska Ržana

Business infomation

Business name: Nadica Lukic PR Workshop for souvenir production “World of magnets Nina” Poland Rzana
Adress: Poljska Ržana 135 18328 Poljska Ržana
Phone: 060/13-73-451
Identification number: 64266004
Tax Identification number: 109561040
Business code: 3299
Activity description: Manufacture of other objects
Date of commencement of business: 08.06. 2016.
Business account: 200-2850160101032-98


Facebook: Svet magneta-Nina

Business concept

The idea behind starting a business is related to the need to do something for yourself and your family, for the hobby to grow into a business commitment that will find its way to the market. Entrepreneur Nadica Lukic, women courageous and determined, 2016 she founded her souvenir making workshop. She expressed her skill and sense of design through making a refrigerator magnet. With the unreserved assistance of her husband (in the sphere of design) and daughter (marketing and promotion), she achieved the placement of 15,000 magnets a year.
She was helped in her job by being confident and stubborn about her goals, and she received financial support from the NSZ.

Our Products

Sales range consists of magnets, which are attractive at first glance. For their production are used modeling gypsum, acrylic paints and varnish, magnetic foil and photo paper, and magnets are packed in cellophane if necessary.

Also in use is a magnetic foil (rubberized magnet), which does not damage the surface on which it is placed, which is why the magnets are suitable for children to play.

The offer includes custom made magnets of different shapes, images on magnetic foil, special magnets for birthdays, weddings and other celebrations, foam magnets for children, magnets with logo. The offer is constantly being refined with different innovative ideas. Magnets shaped like pyrrhagic sausage, pyrrhic cheese, a string of dried pyrrhic peppers have become very popular. The prices are reasonable, they are handmade and unique which enables successful placement.


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